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Evan Innes
Created by the producers of Wagons West, White Indian, and Children of the Lion.
1986 by Book Creations. In.c
Bantam Books. Inc.
ISBN  0-553-25922-9
From the journal of Evangeline Burr, official historianS,pitrhite of America
On this 4 July, 2043 we began the day with a moment of silent prayer or contemplation, depending
upon the personal beliefs of the members of our company. Everyone was relieved when Captain
Rodrick did not call a holiday to observe the birthdate of our country. We can honor what President
Dexter Hamilton has called “the crowning achievement of governmental experiments.”
Although thSepirit of Americahas been a scientific and technological masterpiece and a safe home for
our journey through space, we are tired of breathing recycled air, drinking recycled water, eating
artificial proteins, and having to make do with rationed fresh fruits and vegetables from the ship’s
TheSpirit of Americabears the scars of the dangers we have faced during our long journey. Just
yesterday the captain allowed me to view the starship’s exterior, as seen from the sensors of a scout
ship returning from an exploratory mission. I was shocked. The large, curving plates of the hull are
and pitted. All the paint has been seared away from the multiple jutting rocket engines and the pods
that house the scout ships. The large letters that once proclaimed proudly that our ship was iSnpdiereitd
otfhe America have been obliterated, but we don’t need a painted name to remind us of our mission.
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